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  • I would highly recommend Doctor Barlow. Everything from my consultation, surgery, and follow up checks were excellent. You can tell he truly cares about patient care and insuring you are informed.

    ~ Darien McDonald ~

  • I would 100% tell anyone who is afraid of making the move to and have that knee replacement, is was the best choice for me and Dr Heltslet made the whole process so much easier. I'm currently working up to have my other knee done.

    ~ Signe Poradish ~

  • Dr. Singer has the best patient care, beside manner and very informative. I was extremely nervous about surgery and he was able to completely fix my debilitating pain issue I had dealt with for so long. I trust him 100% and am very thankful for him as well as his staff.

    ~ Emily W ~

  • Great results from shoulder surgery! Dr. Heltsley took such great care of me! Recovery time was minimal! Thanks!

    ~ Jeff Jennings ~

  • First visit with dr Patton an he was professional polite an explained my knee X-rays to me an detailed my condition,plan to see him again as needed, compliments to his staff also

    ~ Peggy ~

  • So far I have only had my consultation , having to reschedule next appointment due to some caregiving for family but he was so generous and took the time to actually ask questions and listen to my answers, he wasnt one of those " lets get this over with Drs." I feel confident enough to finish what n...

    ~ sandra harbison ~

  • I saw Dr. Burch many years ago when I was a student at WKU for an aging wrist problem. His advice was nonsensical, clear and concise.
    Several years later I contacted him for my mother, who ended up needing two knee replacements.
    On both of the aforementioned encounters Dr. Burch t...

    ~ Joey Skaggs ~

  • Dr Shane Riley is a Godsend. From the first time I met him, I was very comfortable with him and his approach to correct an issue I had with my knee. He thoroughly explained what he was doing, how it would help, and what I should expect in the future. Should I ever need services again, I will see Dr ...

    ~ Johnathan Bryant ~

  • The care I received was wonderful from the examination of my knee to the surgery to repair it. He explained different scenarios that may play out and how we would tend to them, because he wouldn’t know until we got into the knee. After the surgery there was minimum pain and I am 3 weeks post-op an...

    ~ Verified Patient ~

  • Dr. Heltsley has been such a huge help since being my orthopedic. He has lead me in the right direction. The day of my surgery he made sure to come see me before and after to check on me. He did such a fantastic job on my knee that it was already feeling better like two days later. Thank you so much...

    ~ Verified Patient ~

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