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    Very Good

    Comments: Dr. Riley performed a Total Knee Replacement on me in Sept of 2018, and a Total Reverse Shoulder Replacement in Jan of 2023. I initially came to his office in 2016, seeking relief from severe Osteoarthritis in my Right Knee. Dr. Riley made it a point to explore non-surgical options, and only suggested surgery once those options were exhausted. After the knee surgery, my progress was thoroughly monitored, and I ultimately ended up pain-free, with a full range of motion!
    My shoulder was a more complicated situation, where the arthritis had destroyed the rotator cuff and severely eroded the joint, necessitating the "Reverse" procedure, which would restore strength and slightly limit behind the back movement. Dr. Riley walked me through the procedure, answering all my questions along the way, and the end result was a successful surgery. My recovery ended up being faster than I'd foreseen, with much better range of motion than anticipated!

    Hospital/Physician seen: Shane Riley, D.O.