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  • The care I received was wonderful from the examination of my knee to the surgery to repair it. He explained different scenarios that may play out and how we would tend to them, because he wouldn’t know until we got into the knee. After the surgery there was minimum pain and I am 3 weeks post-op an...

    ~ Verified Patient ~

  • Dr. Heltsley has been such a huge help since being my orthopedic. He has lead me in the right direction. The day of my surgery he made sure to come see me before and after to check on me. He did such a fantastic job on my knee that it was already feeling better like two days later. Thank you so much...

    ~ Verified Patient ~

  • Dr. Heltsley is able to explain the type of injury and his plan for correcting it. With my injuries, surgery was necessary. While explaining them, his mannerism was calm enough to put my wife at ease. He is friendly, efficient, and positive. I have had no problems with the care and aftercare he has ...

    ~ Verified Patient ~

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