Physical & Occupational Therapy

GGC WKONA is pleased to partner with Kentucky Orthopedic Rehab Team (KORT) “The Best in Rehab.” KORT provides highly qualified licensed physical and occupational therapists who will work on site at our clinic. Our goal is to offer patients the most advanced, researched-based treatment in a caring and convenient environment. At GGC WKONA our patient’s come first which is why we have chosen to enter into this partnership with KORT. For more than 30 years, KORT has been putting patients first. With over 57 clinic locations across Kentucky and Southern Indiana, KORT has the most board certified Orthopedic Specialists and Vestibular Rehabilitation specialists of any other provider in the Commonwealth. KORT is also the largest provider of athletic training and sports medicine coverage in the Commonwealth.  KORT’s local ownership and independent operations allow our therapists and athletic trainers to focus on the needs of our communities.  KORT has improved more lives by providing compassionate care to more people, in more communities, and in more locations than any other outpatient physical or occupational therapy provider in the state of Kentucky.  

“We are thrilled and excited to join the Graves Gilbert Clinic WKONA team and provide patients in Western Kentucky with exceptional quality of care. With the resources and expertise KORT provides, we can give patients the newest, evidence-based treatment. At KORT, we put our patients first making their experience as trouble-free as possible by providing accessible and immediate care in a very cost-effective manner,” said Robbie Hinkebein, PT, DPT, OCS, ATC KORT Regional Vice President.